Ms Agarwal Group  

MS Agarwal foundries Pvt Ltd has been granted License rights to use the Thermex Quenching System and Technology of M/s Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering Gmbh, Germany to produce High Strength Thermex Quenched and Self Tempered (QST) rebars as per IS 1786 Standards.

The QST technology involves rapid quenching of hot bars through a series of water jets after the bars come out of the last rolling mill stand. Air and water pressure is automatically controlled, based on the size, speed and temperature of the rod. This treatment converts the bar outer surface to a hardened structure. The subsequent phase involves cooling at ambient temperature to allow the hot core to temper the surface through thermal exchange, which results in a unique structure of tempered martensite in the peripheral zone and a fine grain of ferrite pearlite at central zone and finally the results is a world-class QST rebar.